"Donate knowledge to our children"

Books for You provides to those vulnerable communities where educational materials are scarce.

Many people do not know that these problems exist, much less worry about them. The problem mainly affects immigrant, Hispanic, and black communities. For these demographics, their education could improve with our help.

Books for You was born as a response to the questions we ask ourselves; ‘’How can children that do not have access to educational materials improve their current condition?’’ ‘’Who helps them?’’ ‘’Why should we care and support them?’’

Books for You is in charge of collecting used or new books and notebooks to take them to communities in need for free,

We started in March 2020 in these ten months of operations during the pandemic and facing challenges from COVID-19.

The challenges we faced were not an obstacle for us to collect the 10,000 books around Miami and donate more than 8,000. Books for You donated the collected books to South Florida communities such as Miami, Homestead, Florida City, Rusky Fl, La Belle Fl, Immokalee Fl, Okeechobee Fl, Pahokee, Fl, and internationally to countries like Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Venezuela. Books For You has positively impacted more than 11,000 people, giving them reading and knowledge.

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Our Roots

Books For You started in mid-March 2020. The designing of boxes with logos began and helped establish relationships with tutoring centers all around the City of Doral. These tutoring centers gave us an advantage and a quick start to collecting books since they were frequently visited by families that would always hold piles of new books.

Noticing the great disposal of unused books as we live in a virtual world. We started to leave designated boxes in different locations around the City. Thanks to the assistance of The Art Shack Doral, Homework Plus, the Doral Park Tennis Center, we were able to fast track many of our book collections. 

Even though we started on a fast track, unfortunately, we hit a wall when the pandemic began to close business, and the stay at home orders from the government started. Therefore we had to implement our social networking strategies to continue our goal. We began working with WhatsApp to send messages to everyone we knew asking for book donations. As the success of Books for You, we continued working on our collections through Instagram, reaching more and more followers and receiving significant contributions from communities and private schools. 

Due to these important collections that we received during these months, we made important donations to communities in need around South Florida and internationally. Books for You has collected more than 10,000 books these months and positively impacted more than 11,000 people.



Three Simple Steps

Books For You's process for helping a community is a quite simplistic, yet fascinating three-step system. 

  • Social media + book pickup

  • Organization + Packaging

  • Donations



Social Media Posts and Pick Ups

The first step in our social media is to send messages through WhatsApp, posting on Instagram and Facebook. We post on our stories that “Picking up today!” Weekly posts would happen so that we may expand our book donation. In the pick-up phase, we would look at the messages that would contain the address to pick up the books; we would go to the address and pick up the books on the front of their doorstep. We are also in continuous contact with the locations where our boxes are, so we continually collect the books that the community donates. Once we pick up the donation, we ask the donators if they would like a shout out through Instagram and Facebook.

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Organization and Packaging

The second step is organizing and packaging the donated books. The donated books that are collected are brought together and not mixed with any other piles. When starting to organize the books, we filter books that are usable and are not usable. With the books, we make stakes of 10 to make it easier to count and post about the number of books collected and thank donators by tagging them in the post. Once the books are counted, we sort out the books by different categories such as from Pre-K —College, Spanish, Notebooks, Foreign, Skills, Dictionary, National Geographical, and Bibles. In the next step, the sorted books are categorized and placed into boxes with the lab of category it is and how many books are inside. We would set the box to donate after that process.



The third step is donating. After collecting books and having them packaged and marked, our team sets out to distribute them! Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most distributions have occurred via car drives in efforts to continue social distancing. Our books are typically displayed on a decorated table sorted by reading level, and our members work hard to find the perfect match of books for children. We are continuously in communication with Non-profit organizations, councils, and commissioners of cities, schools, hospitals, care centers for special children, organizations that provide basic needs for adults who live on the streets. Books for you seek to reach all those communities that we need.

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Marcus Tullius Cicero

"A room without books is like a body without a soul"



In our social networks, Instagram and Facebook, you will find the beginning of Books for You to the present, the collections around Florida, and the local and international donations and events in which Books for You has participated. Follow us through social networks, so the more followers we have, the more books we get, join us, invite your friends and family, and don't miss this fantastic goal! Books for you also has a Gofundme; you can contribute by sending funds through it. The Gofundme logistics of collecting the books and taking them is complicated and expensive to sustain its operations.

Commit to us and help us donate knowledge to our children

​At the end of the page, you will find the links to Instagram, Facebook, and Gofundme.



Throughout these past months, Books For You has had the opportunity to donate thousands of books to beautiful families. However, each donation has been made possible because of every little contribution made by a generous heart. 

There are two main ways of donating books to our team:

1) Box dropoff Locations

  • The Art Shack Doral 9831 NW 58th St suite 145 Doral, Fl 33178

  • Homework Plus Doral 6331 NW 99th Av Doral, Fl 33178

  • Doral Park Country Club 5001 NW 104th Ave Doral, Fl 33178

2) Doorstep pickup


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  • If you want to donate books, send a message through our social networks or send us a message, we will gladly collect your books.

  • If you are an organization that requires books for a community in need, send us your information, and we will be in contact soon.


Thanks for submitting!

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