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Our Roots

Books For You started in mid-March 2020. The designing of boxes with logos began and helped establish relationships with tutoring centers all around the City of Doral. These tutoring centers gave us an advantage and a quick start to collecting books since they were frequently visited by families that would always hold piles of new books.

Noticing the great disposal of unused books as we live in a virtual world. We started to leave designated boxes in different locations around the City. Thanks to the assistance of The Art Shack Doral, Homework Plus, the Doral Park Tennis Center, we were able to fast track many of our book collections. 

Even though we started on a fast track, unfortunately, we hit a wall when the pandemic began to close business, and the stay at home orders from the government started. Therefore we had to implement our social networking strategies to continue our goal. We began working with WhatsApp to send messages to everyone we knew asking for book donations. As the success of Books for You, we continued working on our collections through Instagram, reaching more and more followers and receiving significant contributions from communities and private schools. 

Due to these important collections that we received during these months, we made important donations to communities in need around South Florida and internationally. Books for You has collected more than 10,000 books these months and positively impacted more than 11,000 people.