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Time Frame: Middle of March 2020 - Present

Books For You Miami is a None profit organization created by Alejandro Barriga in March 2020. Books for You Miami redistributes used or new books and educational material completely free to communities, schools, or organizations in need at the local, state, and international levels.

Many people do not know these problems exist, much less worry about them. This problem mainly affects immigrant, Hispanic, and Black communities. For these demographics, their education could improve with our help. Books for You  Miami has donated more than 40 large organizations, schools, and communities at the local ,state and international levels.

We have more than 100 volunteers around Miami, Doral, and South Miami, who have helped us keep the organization's logistics going. Thanks to them, we can pick up at the house's doors, then filter and organize by grades, to finally contact teachers, schools, organizations, or communities that need such donations.

Books for You positively impacted more than 120,000 people locally and internationally, spreading reading, knowledge, and new opportunities for children, young people, and adults in need.


"Kids who read today are more educated for tomorrow"



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